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Investigative Assistance

If your agency has received a criminal complaint for which the primary act was perpetrated by means of the Internet or a digital device, we will often agree to take the investigation over at your request. If your agency wishes for the task force to take your case, please contact us direct. We do ask that cases turned over be done so when the complaint is initially received, and we reserve the right to refuse to take over a case for which investigation has already began, though a preliminary report describing the original complaint is required.

We also provide investigative assistance for any criminal matter involving the Internet or computer devices, including on-scene triage assistance of electronic devices and answers to any general questions which may arise during your investigation. If on-scene assistance is needed, please contact us directly as soon as possible and we will make every effort to accommodate.

Digital Forensic Analysis

Our lab will complete examinations on any and all computers, storage devices, cellular telephones, or mobile devices believed to contain evidence of a crime. Cases are prioritized based on several factors, including but not limited to the type of offense and whether or not the suspect is in custody. Processing time for your evidence may vary based on the amount of evidence to be examined, case priority, and overall lab case load at the time of submission.

    The following is required with all evidence submissions, and failure to provide these items will delay your evidence processing request.

    • Examination Request Form
    • Authorization to Search (valid search warrant or signed consent form)
    • Associated Case Reports

    All evidence must be properly packaged and sealed.